Non Addressable Range



Horizon Panel Range

The Horizon 2,4, and 8 series of non-addressable control panels is designed for use in small buildings allowing installers to meet the demands of end users quickly and easily.


-Simple user-friendly design
-Enhanced feature set and advanced programming to meet the demands of the building manager
-Clear,visible indications with easy to operate functions
-Unique keyswitch to enable controls
-Control buttons are simple and unambiguous, ensuring easy operation
-Facility to interface to larger landlord alarm systems

The Vision range of non addressable devices combine all of the advantages of advanced technology found in ‘best in class’ addressable products with the ease of use and cost effectiveness of a conventional system.

The low profile,unobtructive design blends in both traditional and modern premises,enabling them to be installed in any location.

EN54-5 and 7 Compliant Detection

Product Description
Vision detection range provides low profile,unobtrusive design which blends in with both traditional and modern premises,enabling them to be installed in any location.

-Microprocessor based products provide a more intelligent solution
-Laser based remote tesr unit- no need for ladders and towers
-8 to 30VDC operating voltage range provides compatibility with both fire and security systems.
-Automatic drift compensation

Audible Visual Devices

EN54-23 Compliant Strobes

Product Description
Our Conventional beacons feature high output LEDs,advanced optics and an innovative lens design, providing outstanding Omni-directional light coverage at low current draw.

EN54-3 Compliant Sounders

Product Description
Features a new folded horn design which provides outstanding sound output at low current draw.With its modern design,global tone set and extensive installer-friendly features,the sounder is the logical choice for specifiers,installers and distributors.

Sounder Beacons

Product Description
Our Conventional Sounder Beacons are ideal for applications where a dual purpose audible and visual alarm device is required.Specifically designed and approved to meet both EN54-3 and EN54-23,the Sounder Beacon delivers outstanding quality,reliability and extended operational life.


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