Fire System Graphics Package

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Site-wide Alarm Management System

Product Description
Visualeyez is a pictorial and textual aid to help you manage an alarm activation within your work place. It can be programmed to suit any application including: Hospitals, Universities, Prisons, Hotels, Industrial and Commercial buildings.

In an emergency, both information and control are paramount, without knowing what has occured and where it happens it is difficult to provide an effective resolution of the situation. Visualeyez is designed to present the information in a simple, clear and user friendly way, allowing rapid comprehension of the situation.

– Secure System.
-Multiple Users.
-Multiple PC Workstations.
-Image, Plan or Text Displays.
-Simple Navigation and Control.
-Current Event List.
-In-Depth History Analysis.
-Integrates with ZXSe Series Control Panels.
-Windows™ 7,and 8 Compatible.
– Choice of Specification.
-Remote System connectivity(additional hardware required)



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