CAT 6A Patch Panel



The 10GX Patch Panels are fully loaded patch panel designed to be used within the Belden 10GX System. They features our high-performing 10GX connectors specifically designed to meet the difficult challenges of 10 Gb/s transmission. They are available in REVConnect and KeyConnect Series as well as Belden’s unique AngleFlex design. Configurations include 24-port, 1U, 48-port, 2U, 48-port 1U in flat and angled designs. Pre-loaded panels are available with RJ45 jacks or couplers.


Performance up to 625 MHz
Flat, Angled, and AngleFlex options available
Quick and easy termination with REVConnect termination tool (REVConnect patch panels)
Front access options (REVConnect patch panels) for additional versatility

REVConnect patch panels feature Belden’s revolutionary REVConnect core technology
KeyConnect patch panels Feature Belden’s 10GX connectors with FleXpoint PCB technology and MatriX IDC technology
REVConnect patch panels compatible with Color Icons and Dust Covers
Single port modularity on REVConnect and KeyConnect standard densities
Labeling and cable management accessories included with all patch panels


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