The REVConnect Connectivity System offers versatility by using a universal termination core and termination method for all RJ45 connections. Its unique universal termination process can be used with both shielded and unshielded cables, Category 5e through Category 6A, and can accept both jack and plug housings. Both the new REVConnect 10GX Jacks and the 10GX Modular Jacks provide performance margins when installed as part of 10GX System. Unmatched Beyond 10G™ performance exceeds all parameters specified in the CAT 6A standard. All performance characteristics including ANEXT, NEXT, FEXT, Insertion Loss and Return Loss have been set to guarantee transmission performance up to 625 MHz.

REVConnect: Safe connectivity for air handling spaces
Supports the most demanding network applications
Easy termination and network administration
Provide peace of mind to the user
REVConnect: Offers great versatility and labor savings

REVConnect: Plenum rated – meets UL 2043 requirements
Benefit from 10GX enabling technologies: Matrix IDC, X-Bar, FlexPoint PCB
Compact design available in 19 colors
Meet and exceed Category 6A component performance with guaranteed usable bandwidth up to 625 MHz
REVConnect: Requires no pair separation step; the best connector for bonded and non-bonded cable
REVConnect: Terminates 4 pairs simultaneously with Belden’s Universal Termination Tool