Hypernet,Inc is not your average distribution company; we provide services that add value to the products we distribute. Through Hypernet,Inc value-added distribution, the company has been able to help its clients continuously innovate their operations with add-on services. Through our services, we guarantee that our clients receive quality and certified support in every stage of their ICT development to ensure the effectiveness of our products and solutions.


Hypernet,Inc Leasing offers you the ability to finance hardware, software and services in one transaction. The convenience of one‑stop shopping offers an immediate, affordable way for you to meet your business needs with flexible pay structure, low up-front cost thru monthly payments and can protect against new trends of technology.


Hypernet, Inc. provides best practice of Managed services such as On-Site Technical Support, Remote Monitoring, Installation Services and Hosting Services with 24/7 commitment for your network, data and call center.


Hypernet, Inc. Maintenance Agreement provides you better solution for maintenance and support requirement of your IT equipments such as Computers, Networking Products and Infrastructure, Structured Cabling, Printers, Servers and many more.


Hypernet, Inc. provides consultancy services from our certified networking engineers and professional electronics and communications engineer with high valued and advance knowledge for the state of the art requirement of your ICT projects and development. Best practice and global standard by some leading international organisations relating to IT and Communications Solutions and Services Implementation.