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Honeywell LM2-PCP06x

Product Description

LM2-PCP06 is a series of 6W economic modular ceiling loudspeaker, including three models for selection :direct ceiling mounted loudspeaker LM2-PCP06A , ceiling loudspeaker LM2-PCP06B ( with ABS back dome)and moisture-proof ceiling loudspeaker LM2-PCP06C, adapting to different installation requirement. Its stylish design with pretty white cover makes it blends easily into all indoor decoration.
Moisture-proof components are adopted for LM2-PCP06C to comply with IP54 standard. Besides, when used with back dome LM2-PM, the LM2-PCP06C features better moisture-proof ability , complying with IP55 standard, to be the good choice for damp environment such as sauna room, washroom and bathroom.The series of loudspeaker features good moist and dust proof ability: integrated panel protecting the inside components from splashing water drops and ABS material preventing the enclosure from being rusted by the water on its surface.
The optional back dome LM2-PM sharing the same style with the panel, can protect the loudspeaker from the harm of any dust and falling objects, and meanwhile prevent the sound to spread to adjacent area via the ceiling cavity. The panel and back dome adopt frame-proof ABS material, according to UL94V0 standard. All material comply with the CE and RoHS standard.

-Superior voice and music reproduction
-Stylish design
-Easy for installation
-Excellent moisture-proof ability, complying to IP54 and IP55 Standard (LM2-PCP06C)
-Optional back dome for LM2-PM for choice
-Optional metal bracket LM2-MHA for suspended installation
-Comply with CE and RoHS standard







Max power 9 W 9 W 9 W
Rated power 6 W 6 W 6 W
Power tapS @ 100V 6 W / 3 W / 1.5 W 6 W / 3 W / 1.5 W 6 W / 3 W / 1.5 W
Sound pressure level at 6 W/1 W 100 dB / 92 dB(120Hz-18 KHz, 1m) 100 dB / 92 dB(120Hz-18 KHz, 1m) 97 dB / 92 dB(150Hz-18 KHz, 1m)
Effective frequency response range (-10dB) 80 Hz – 20k Hz 80 Hz – 20k Hz 110 Hz – 20k Hz
Dispersion angle (1k Hz / -6 dB) 184°/ 90° 184°/ 90° 184°/ 90°
Rated input voltage 100 V 100 V 100 V
Rated impedance 1.7 Ω / 3.3k Ω/6.7 1.7 Ω / 3.3k Ω/6.7 1.7 Ω / 3.3k Ω/6.7
Connection 4-hole screw plastic block 4-hole screw plastic block 4-hole screw plastic block
Dimensions(ΦxH) Φ 180 mm × 73 mm/td>

Φ 180 mm × 105 mm Φ 180 mm × 73 mm Φ 139 mm × 100 mm
Hole cut-out size Φ 160 +5mm Φ 160 +5mm Φ 160 +5mm
Weight 0.64 kg 0.76 kg 0.64 kg 0.12 kg
Color White(RAL9003) White(RAL9003) White(RAL9003) White(RAL9003)
Diameter of speaker 5″ 5″ 5″
Material of dome No No No