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Honeywell L-PJM10A/L-PJM20A

Product Description

L-PJM10A is a high-performance 10 W public address unidirectional projection loudspeaker.While,L-PJM20A is a high-performance 20 W public address unidirectional projection loudspeaker.It provides a broad frequency response range, low distortion and high sound pressure level for accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation messages and high quality sound reproduction. It can be used in indoor, outdoor, dry, or wet applications, providing reliable operations over wide temperature and humidity ranges. Its low-profile, white color design blends easily with most interiors in locations such as hotels, conference rooms, cinemas, theme parks, factories and exhibitions.

-Intelligible voice and superior sound reproduction
-Ceiling or wall mount installation
-Meets virtually any indoor and outdoor requirement
-IP65 cetified
-Complies with CE and RoHS standards






Max power 20 W 30 W
Rated power 10 W 20 W
Power tapS @ 100V 10 W / 5 W / 2.5 W / 1.25 W 20 W / 10 W / 5 W / 2.5 W
Sound pressure level 98 dB / 89 dB 102 dB / 90 dB
Effective frequency response range (-10dB) 150 Hz – 20k Hz 150 Hz – 20k Hz
Dispersion angle (1k Hz / -6 dB) 180° 180°
Rated input voltage 100 V 100 V
Rated impedance 1KΩ /2kΩ/4KΩ/8kΩ 500 Ω /1kΩ/2KΩ/4kΩ</
Connection Fire-resistant Cable Fire-resistant Cable
Dimensions(ΦxH) Φ 140 mm × 195 mm Φ 140 mm × 195 mm
Weight 2.62 kg 2.65 kg
Color White(RAL9003) White(RAL9003)