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Emergency Assist Alarm Kit


Product Description
EN54-4 range of power supplies has been specifically designed for Fire System Installations and features intelligent battery charging and monitoring with remote fault signaling.

Fire legislation in most European countries states any power supply performing a mandatory function of a fire alarm system must comply with EN54-4/A2.As such,any power supply controlling a beam detector,auto-dial communicators,Aspirating Systems,Auto-Open Ventilation System or Auxiliary Sounder System must comply with this standard.

– Full rated current to load + additional current for battery charging
– Fully Fault Monitored
– Electronic overload protection
– Mains transient protection
– 2A & 5A models can house and charge 2 x 17Ah batteries
– 5A model can charge up to 2 x 38Ah batteries housed in separate battery box, complete with leads, available on request


Product Description
2 and 4 Amp Transformer Recifier have been specifically designed for fire and access control applications that require remote control of the power supply output.

A typical example would be to power door retainers,with a link to the fire panel in order to switch off the output to the doors in the event of a fire alarm activation.This range is not suitable for use with batteries.

– Remote control of output
– Choice of switching options
– Closing of Normally Open Contract
– Application of an external 24V dc supply
– Main Status
– Output Fuse Failure
– Mains transient protection
– Fail safe operation


Product Description
Electromagnetic Fire Door Holders are designed to hold open fire doors in any areas where easy Disability Discrimination Act access is essential,and can be used in conjunction with any suitable fire alarms systems.When an alarm is triggered,power to the door holder is cut,allowing the fire door fitted with its standard closing mechanism, toshut automatically.the door holders are fitted with an integral manual release button,allowing the door to be closed without operating the fire alarm. ideal for use in any public access areas including Hospitals,Offices,Hotels and Nursing Homes.

– Surface-mounted design that fits any standard back box.
– Attractive,fire-resistant ABS casing
– 200N or 500N door holding force
– 24V DC or 230V AC supply voltage
– Zero residual force
– CE approved under CPD (Construction Products Directive)
– Approved to EN1155 for power size 3-6 door closers
– Supplied with adjustable keeper plate
– Integral release button


Product Description
A robust,lockable steel enclosure offers safe storage and fast access to essential documentation such as that required for compliance with BS5839 pt1.In addition it provides an ideal place for storage of keys and other documentation relating to your Fire Alarm,Voice Alarm,Displayed Refuge,Nursecall

Robust mild steel costruction,powder coated to give an attractive finish(Texured Dark Gret RAL 7024) Ideal for the storage of log books.O&M guides,manuals,drawing and certificates 6 convenient hooks for storage of keys.

Lockable enclosure